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Residential Programme

Residential Addiction Programme tailored to everyone's specific needs at our rehab facility in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our Approach

We employ a flexible approach in our residential addiction treatment, placing the individual and their specific needs and capacities at the center of the individual treatment plan.

Our minimum programme duration is 30 days. We recommend a 3-month treatment programme for maximum benefit, however, we are able to consolidate the programme into a 30 day period should circumstances not allow for an extended duration of treatment.

Cognitive and mindfulness-based therapies are the preferred methods for individual work. Decades of clinical experience shows that these therapies, applied in a structured and routine-oriented environment deliver the best and most enduring outcomes in addiction treatment.

An addiction often co-occurs with other psychological disorders which call for their own specific interventions and solutions. We ensure that any co-occurring conditions are identified and addressed in the individual treatment plan and recommendations for the patient going forward.

Continued Counselling

On completion of your residential treatment programme at Anker Huis, you may wish to continue individual sessions with your personal counselor.

This may be arranged around your schedule, to ensure ongoing support in your recovery.

Anker Huis Garden at Cape Town, South Africa

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We are committed to comprehensive care in addiction and mental health

We are committed to helping our clients achieve meaningful recovery in order to reintegrate into a happy and healthy lifestyle that is sustainable in the long run. This sustainable foundation must be laid for successful ongoing rehabilitation and recovery, with reliable relapse prevention and accountability.

Quite often the addict will feel isolated, trapped by their addiction and unable to communicate with their family and friends. While they may feel isolated and separate from others, the consequences of their addiction are not.