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Family Support Group

Family Support Group for substance and alcohol addiction at Anker Huis in Cape Town, South Africa

Our Approach

Quite often the addict will feel isolated, trapped by their addiction and unable to communicate with their family and friends. While they may feel isolated and separate from others, the consequences of their addiction are not.

The effect on family and friends can be devastating. While the addict is in what we call active addiction (still using or drinking), their ability to fully understand the effect of their actions on others is very low. Empathy is a casualty of active addiction. This diminished ability to fully understand the impact of their actions on others serves only to perpetuate the shared pain of family and loved ones.

Families at this stage are focused on “fixing” their loved one. Thinking that if their loved one can be “fixed” by someone, that everything will return to normal. That is not the case.

If you consider the hurt suffered by loved ones as a form of trauma, then it becomes easier to understand that the family have to also go on a journey of recovery. The family needs guidance to understand addiction, and more importantly the effect of addiction on the family as a whole.

Addiction is a disease of the family, not the individual.

Anker Huis Lounge near Cape Town, South Africa
Anker Huis Group Session at Cape Town, South Africa

The Family Support Group at Anker Huis is a resource specifically for the family and not the individual suffering from addiction. We provide the family with the support, education, and tools that are required to begin the family’s journey of Recovery. It is our mission to guide the family to understand that they need and deserve support.

Quite often families approach us and ask, when and if they should trust their loved one again. If we can support the addict and the family to speak honestly and courageously about the difficulties they are facing and help them understand the other’s point of view, then we can help them reconnect and build that trust. Healthy communication is key to repairing trust and rebuilding relationships.

Our family support group is held weekly, on Saturday mornings, at Anker Huis. The group is run between 10:00 and 11:30 and is open to all families impacted by a loved one’s addiction, irrespective of whether or not your loved one is currently in treatment. These groups are offered free of charge.

Please register your interest by emailing us at, or to make a booking for your place in the group. Bookings must be made on a week-by-week basis, and there is no minimum attendance requirement.

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